Kape Kesada Art Gallery

Most of the people are coffee lovers. In fact, as a student, coffee has been my best friend since day 1. I even have cravings for it when I have the free time. This somewhat “new” cafe shop at Paete Laguna has been an eye-catching one for me. With its exquisite and vintage like environment, you’ll feel like you’re taken way back to that era.

My dad coming from the wood carving capital of the Philippines- Paete Laguna, this place was never new for me. But after some long time not visiting this place, my parents and I saw this cafe. We are much caught up from the front of this place because like I said, the environment is different than the usual province. Plus, the very first thing you will saw in this place are the artworks, hence its name. This place was also featured by CNN due to its displayed paintings and carvings.

So, my parents and I didnt back down to take a sit and sip at this rad place. The menu was pretty neat and artsy. I can say that the owner has taste; got inspirations from other country or places to come up with the concept. The menu was a pretty cheap but at the same time expensive if you’re from the province. The coffee costs 50php – 100php hot or cold.


We ordered egg-bacon sandwich, cold coffee and brewed coffee. I can personally say that the food was great. The coffee tastes like a legit “kape barako”. They put effort on the food they serve (they served the sandwich hot and crunchy). I can now say that a food can be cheap without sacrificing the taste!

here are all of the photos I that I taken:

some of the artworks… (I cant take a pic of some of the artworks displayed)

Iced coffee x the “Bar”


Over all rating 3/5



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