New Year, New Me ver. 2.0 for 2017

* My very first blog post for 2017. Hoorah! *

I want to start my 2017 with a very positive cause that everyone can support. I have been growing my hair for two years. It has become very long that my relatives are very eager for me to cut it short last October 2016, but being the boss of no one, I decided to step up my game (and annoy them more. Lol) by saying I would keep my hair growing till 2018. December has come and I’m still willing to stay on my lane to keep my very long hair. Because to be honest, I like my “Rapunzel” version of me. I am more confident with long hair  rather than short. I was very sure about my decision until New Year came, January 1st.

New Year was my time to look back at the past, reflect and see how much I’ve grown. 2016 has been a very pain in the ass to me. I have suffered so many downfalls on that year and I wanted to learn and never look back at my mistakes EVER AGAIN. So, as a reminder for me, it triggered me that I SHOULD cut my hair. A symbol of new me this new year 2017. I asked my mom if she could cut my hair, yada… yada… yada. Then I thought of a very amazing idea- turn this negative “symbol” and turn it into positive. I decided to donate my hair (again)

My before and after…

Cuts Against Cancer is a non-profit organizations that aids women and children battling with cancer. [You can check more about it just by clicking here.]

Requirements for Hair Donations:

  1. Hair must be atleast 12 inches long.
  2. Your hair must be natural- no hair dye,permed or even bonded
  3. Poor hair quality will also be rejected

*Graphic Instructions*


No quite sure if mine is an exact 12 inches but I do hope they’ll make an exception


Before sending your hair directly at the organization make sure to fill up this form for more info’s check their Facebook page

Papemelroti is also teaming up with Cuts Against Cancer. For easier shipping or delivery, you can drop your locks at any branches like I did!


Make sure your bag is secure. Write your name, contact number, email, date donated and website (optional). I didnt put my contact number for privacy reasons, but I sure did give my email to reach me. Some added and personal touch, I even put a note to whoever will receive my hair.


Then voila! You’re now a hair donor!

I cut my past and now Im ready for 2017 with a shotgun in my hand, a grin in my face and let me grow and become the best version of myself. Besides, I think to start my 2017 with a cause is a noble thing yet, a radical moment. Hoping for more risk-taking and heart warming memories for 2017. Cheers!



I still think Im rockin’ with short hair, does it? (;



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