7 Important Things To-Do Before 2017 Ends

I was about to shoot this topic as a Youtube video but as I watched my videos again for editing, I decided to delete the whole thing for 2 major reasons:

  • I look weird as fuck
  • 100% cringey

So I’ll just have to post it as a blog text, I guess.

2017 GOALS

  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING. In order to achieve my goals, I must have the motivation and put some effort to it. Im a HUGE procrastinator, I wanted that to change. It’s so hard to cram and do things before the deadline. I want my year to be full of activities with no dull moments. Im really determined by this. Im sure with my decision, so I guess, its the right time to start.
  2. DO WELL IN SCHOOL. And because I will stop procrastinating, I want to see some results. So before 2017 ends, I want myself to be back on track with my acads. I have told myself over and over again to putting my shit together and raise my academics. But because of my procrastination, I have failed many times. This will be my goal and at the same time motivation to stop my procrastination.
  3. TRAVEL or GO PLACES. Not fancy or money burning places and especially not instantly. I just want to go places I have never been- like on a new restaurant, or hike on a mountain, etc. as long as its new to me. Imust travel when I already back on my game with my acads.
  4. DELETE TOXIC PEOPLE. I want my year to be full of positivity and less-drama. This 2017, I’ll be deleting ALL the people who made feel not good enough, who stabs me in the back and who stressed me out. I’ll reject people too whom I find and gives me negativity.
  5. REKINDLE WITH AN OLD FRIEND. One of the things that makes me sad is the point that friends come and go to the extent that you’ll never heard from them again. So, this year, I want to meet and catch up with an old friend/s. I dont have anyone particular, but maybe in some other time I will. I think its time for me to look back and thank them somehow for being a part of my life.
  6. GAIN A NEW FRIEND. Because I have deleted some people in my life, I decided to make a new one and meet someone new. New chapter, new friends.
  7. TRY NEW THINGS. Its either camping or learning to play the piano or whatsoever. I want to learn something new and I’m excited for new experiences and lessons for me.

This list is my top 7 and my priorities. Yes, I sure do have a lot of goals this year but I decided to focus more on these 7. I’m starting to grant my resolutions baby steps at a time.



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