Bye iamLittleGrey, itsfreakinGINA is here!

For almost a year I’ve been sticking to the pseudonym “iamLittleGrey” but I decided that if I want to have my own youtube channel then it should be “Me”. Not just a pseudonym that was from a certain TV show. I want to know more about myself and push myself to the limits and end of my capabilities.

So ladies and gentlemen, this blog has its new handler and its freaking Gina!  No pseudonyms, filters, sugar coated words or excerpts from my favorite shows- just plain me, a freaky me. Accepting who and what I am plus, still unlocking more stages and more capabilities ’till my last breath.

Update on my youtube channel is that Im working on it! My topics are all listed out, I already installed my video editor, I have segments other than vlogs and many more! Hopefully, I can shoot a video this week. Join me as I unleash my freakyness out there for you to unleash your inner freak! Cant wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on. 🙂



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