About Gina


oh hi there!

Let me guess why you’re here- you’re bored, yes? Lol. But whatever the reason is, I’m still thankful that the universe made you stumble on this blog of mine.

I come with the name of Georgina (but if you want it to be a little cooler, you can call me George). I know what popped in your head: its either George from the Jungle or that Georgina Wilson. To be honest, neither of them was me. I don’t swing on vines, live on the jungle or even wipe my ass with a banana leaf and I ain’t either that gorgeous lady you see on the magazine. In fact, I’m just George. Your typical average joe who lives in the earth and probably covered with “awkwardness”.

I am xteen years old. Currently in College studying BS Psychology. Living in a City but loving the province life. But being a city-gal is also my thing. I always crave for adventures and live a spontaneous life. Hakuna Matata and Carpe Diemis my motto. I never been a boring person, I always have a say on anything. Basically, people usually thought Im outspoken, outgoing and brave. They thought I was a strong person.

Little do they know, I was the opposite of that. Well, as growing up, I didnt handle the universe’s tricks and that broke me down. I became weak and shy. Now Im struggling to find my inner soul and fire back.  With the help of my friends, family, God and other things, I know I can get myself or made a better version of me.

Like any teenagers, Im a fangirl of all sorts of things: Food, book, movies, TV series, bands and so on and so forth. So, mabuhay, Fangilrs and Fanboys!!

But as pleasing as I look. I still have my mad side that makes my life a little bit interesting.

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hey again! Thanks for sticking out ’till the end. Well, this sums it all about me.