A Message to Granddad

It’s been four years since you passed away. This is the third time you missed your birthday celebration here on earth and it’s also the third time you celebrated your birthday with the love of your life- lola mommy. I hope you’re enjoying your wine as you read this message I made for you and only you.
As I said a thousand times, we never really had that “talk”, I only remember those days when you give us money because you want to hang out with us and eat ice cream. I remember every morning after your bath, you always stand in front of the bookshelf holding a pen or pencil and choose another book to read. A day never gets by without you reading. I always told myself “Hindi ba napapagod utak neto kakabasa?” because I am always astonished because at a very old age, you still managed to read things with great understanding. I know, because I often scan the book you’re done with (chismosa apo nyo. Pasensya na), check what’s interesting about the book you choose and wonder WHY did you pick it in the first place. Lagi mo nga sinusulatan ung mga libro with your little side notes at each page, highlights/ underlined phrases na important and words, relevant words that you’ve written EVERWHERE and I was like “Grabe ang adik naman mag aral neto!” I often wondered what’s going on with that little head of yours. I am always curious about your thoughts. I’m pretty sure that everyone who has a lawyer for a granddad would be very curious and astonished as I am. 

Your stroke and disability had been a pain in the arse especially in terms of communication. It would be a major perk if I can speak Ilocano because I know that it’s your mother tongue and it would be easier for you to communicate with. Kung alam mo lang, lolo Dad kung gaano ako ka-eager to learn Ilocano when I was still a kid…Well, until now naman e. The thing is, pinangunahan ako lagi ng hiya ko and how I wish I could turn back the clock and take that leap of faith to get to know you more and your soul. Sobrang nag regret ako na minsan naiinggit ako sa mga friends or strangers na kasama or close sila ng mga lolo and lola (dont be jealous lola mommy, may message ka rin sakin sa bday mo!) nila. “Bakit kaya ‘di ko kinuha nung chance nuon pa man e?” How I wish I could say these things to you personally. 
Every time when someone shares stories about you, I feel very inspired. I want to be like you- reckless, brave, smart, soulful, loving and etcetera. You dont even know how flattered I am every time my mom told me na kasing galing daw kita. I’m sorry if hanggang dito lang ako, Dad. Promise, I dont know what happened. Now, everytime sinasabi ni nanay na kasing galing daw kita, nasasaktan ako. Kasi feeling ko di mo deserve na magkaroon ng apo na kagaya ko. I’m sorry if I somehow let you down. I really wanted to follow your foot steps and maging lawyer (lol. masmalabo pa un sa sa mata ko) soooo bad that it became very frustrating and unhealthy for my mental health. Im sorry hanggang dito lang ako, lolo Daddy.
*I’m literally crying right now. Lol*

I can’t get through this message without me sobbing so hard. So maybe, I’ll just end it here. Hahahaha! Mahirap na, baka magising ang anak nyong si Midette. Looking forward to share laughs, beer, food, stories, thoughts and anything that can be shared under the sun with you, Attorney! I’ll get those moments someday. Kita kits tayo sa Mansion nyo ni Lola Mommy, somewhere beyond the blue someday . Happy birthday, lolo Daddy! Naragsakak sica lolo ko, manong! Hehe Pan-ak idjay puntod nyo mamaya.


First Visit at the Pandin Lake, San Pablo Laguna

After long months of rescheduling and convincing each other for an outing or hang-out, my friend saw this viral post on Facebook reviewing about the Pandin Lake. The Pandin Lake is located at San Pablo, Laguna.

First things first, as a new visitor of this talked about lake, I have no idea how to get there. Honestly, my friends and I even had the hard time locating each other on our meeting spot in San Pablo. Here’s a tip, if you’re planning to go, make sure you have someone who knows with locations. Here’s what I’ve learned from my trip going there from Calamba:

  1. Ride a jeepney going to San Pablo. Costs about 47 pesos.
  2. Wait for the jeepney’s LAST stop. That will be your stop too.
  3. Ride a tricycle and tell him that your going to the terminal near 7/11. It costs for about 20 pesos Landmarks that I have seen are- Liceo de San Pablo and the ‘Manggahan‘. IF youre at the Manggahan, you can easily see the 7/11. But, if you saw the Liceo de San Pablo it means that youre far from the terminal but not too far. You can walk it from there. With your back facing the school, you can easily locate the 7/11 store
  4. Ride the jeepney. Just ask the driver to drop you off at the Pandin Lake and he will do what you asked. At your drop off destination, you can see the signs and tour guides waiting. Let them tour you, the guides will cost for about 50 minimum and if you want to go higher, it depends on you.

Getting there can be a pain in the arse! Especially if you’re not into hiking or walking that much. Make sure to have your water too if you’re walking in the head because it can be draining as fuck.

The “reception” was not bad at all? But its not that clean either for you’ll be waiting outdoors. The ambiance is full of junk and dirt. But their service can be an A+. People there are so nice and sociable. Additional tip: Make sure to book before YOU go there. Its much easier and the people will prioritize you.

Some views you will expect…



water check: 180 feet deep. Is it clear enough for you? Let me know!





Balsa details. (For me, the balsa that was assigned to us was old. So it’s kind off slippery and moldy. I think that’s disgusting.

PACKAGE A400/head for a max of 2 hours includes food such as 4 cups of rice, 3 inihaw na tilapia, 1 platter of ginataang pako salad and shrimp alamang. Additional to this is a 3 minute hike to see another lake called the Yambo Lake. It’s for viewing ONLY. Plus, the balsa rafting.



360/head (for a group of 4) includes the same as Package A.


180/head if no food.


You cant  bathe on the provided restrooms. Its only for urinating and changing of clothes. Every entry costs 5 pesos. **Use it wisely** because in my experience I throw away a total amount of 50 php just for restroom. Lol.

The only thing I hated on the trip was the time of our bathing. Because of the rules, we cant bathe on a more secure room. Instead, we’re only allowed to wash up on a small room made with Bamboos that are tied together to make a wall. It’s so awkward, distracting and that made me feel unsecured. Especially that the water pump was outside of the “bamboo room”. It was so inconvenient. Luckily, the staffs there was accommodating that they requested their kids to pump for us. The other thing that pissed me at this situation is the the water from the pump. It smells like rust and the rust sticks to our skins and clothes. Hopefully this flaw will be fixed ASAP. Its unsanitary to think about it. BEWARE.

Overall Rating: Satisfactory. 6/10. Im very meticulous when it comes to sanitation and convenience.

But all in all, this trip was memorable. You’ll get to meet new people because people there are so sociable! I guarantee. It was fun and worth the 400 peso bill. Because I still think that was memorable not only credits the place but also because of the people I’m with.




Safety first, kids!





Soulful and So-Full at Seoul Kitchen

It happened to be Aubrey’s 19th birthday. So, as a celebration, she invited us to have dinner with her the day after her birthday. 5 invitees and only 2 of us showed up because of the busy schedule because its finals week.

Los Banos, Laguna is filled with lots of restaurant and “tambayan” and “chibugan” place than Calamba. I’m not even surprise that Aubrey Mae wanted to have a dinner celebration there. She kept the place surprise. So none of us invitees had the idea on where we will eat. Tbh, we even got lost going on our destination – Seoul Kitchen.

Getting there was a pain in the arse, especially if you’re not even familiar with the place or if you’re just a visitor. The Seoul Kitchen was so like  in a hidden part of this certain subdivision. I will put here the things that might help you to reach the destination:

From Calamba

  1. Take a jeepney UP College (Kanan or Kaliwa doesnt matter)
  2. 7/11 Lopez will be your destination. Keep aware of your landmarks: 7/11 will be on your right side, left side is a subdivision then after that was Mercury Drugs. It will be AFTER the Los Banos Doctors Hospital.
  3. Once your at 7/11 there will be subdivision. Go there and from the first intersection, ask for directions.

I cant help you further because it will only confuse you more than actually talking and personally ask for help.

From Sta Cruz

  1. Take a bus or a jeepney going to SM Calamba or Crossing Calamba (because as far as I know, there’s no transpo directly at UPLB)
  2. Jollibee Los Banos will be your destination. Its in an intersection. You’ll see Mang Inasal and Mercury Drug Store.
  3. Get a jeepney to UP College.
  4.  Repeat Step 3 and 3 on the directions on ‘From Calamba’

Here’s what it looks like from the outside


I had to admit, I was pretty much impressed at the ambiance. There’s even a TV that views all kinds of Kpop music! I feel like Im in Korea! Even though, I have no idea what its like to be in Korea. Lmao

The price was as expected. Its a bit high, but I can assure you that its all worth it. The servings are fair, not too little but I can say, it can fill up your tummy.

Food ranges from 150-200 pesos and the beverage was 60 pesos for cold coffee and thats the cheapest one! So we didnt order any beverage.


(From Left to Right: Pork Bulgogi, Chicken Teriyaki, Vegetable Dumpling, Tuna Kimbap, Cheese Rappoki) All these dishes costs a total of 550 pesos.

The Food was amazeballs and delicious! It tastes authentic. It can surely satisfy your Korean craving.

So if your a fan of Korea,  craving for Korean food or just looking for a new kind of taste, make sure to stop by at Seoul Kitchen because it will surely make your time Soulful and So-Full! x




Movie Recommendations


  • She’s All That
  • Juno
  • American Pie Trilogy
  • Adventureland
  • 10 Things I hate About You
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • Art of Getting By
  • Stuck in Love
  • Love, Rosie
  • 27 Dresses
  • Loser
  • Legally Blond
  • Kate & Leopold
  • Flipped
  • Definitely Maybe


  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Zombieland
  • 21 Jumpstreet
  • 22 Jumpstreet
  • Ride Along
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

Feel-Good Movies

  • Sandlot 2
  • Rainman
  • Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
  • Freaks and Geeks (TV Series)
  • Lizzie Mcguire the Movie
  • How I Met Your Mother (TV Series)

These are the movies I recommend for you to watch on Valentines day. Its not a lot, but I think its the right amount of movies you can watch on a Tuesdays. Have fun! x



5 Things To Do on Valentines Day for Singles

Okay! This is it, I had shoot my very first YouTube video! While I’m waiting for it to upload, I’m going to do some blogging because after all, I must put my yt contents here on my blog for those who had no idea my youtube is.

I decided to put here are the things that I would probably do on the 14th of February..

  1. Hang out with the squad. This is on my list because my squad are the people whom I will always be fall inlove with again and again and again. They’re my girlfriends. So hanging out with them on valentine’s day is a must!
  2. Date myself. If there is one person worthy enough on a date, that is you. You are the most deserving to date yourself. I think valentine’s day would be the best day to let yourself know that you’re loved and accepted. Self-love is one of the most important thing in order to be the change in this world. Suit up, be legendary and take yourself out.
  3. Be with my Family. Our families are our first love. They’re the one who still be there waiting even though the world has turned their backs from you. So why not be with them on the day of love?
  4. NETFLIX and Chill. I’ve got a popcorn, I’ve got a netflix account. Ughh! Netflix and chill, my friend. There’s no greater than some popping popcorn, a pet beside you and some good sweetflicks or any must-watch movies.
  5. Rest Day or Day for Progress. If 14th of February is just an ordinary day and you think there’s no reason for you to do anything special, then be productive and start on your drafts for paper works! If nah, and you think you deserve a break then, hit the sack and hibernate early! No staying up late for nothing, hun.

So there. I hope I had given you some ideas on what to do on Valentines day if youre single.


Please, please do take the time and visit my youtube channel! Hit like or unlike, leave a comment, suggestions or opinions and please subscribe for more videos!! xx 🙂




Bye iamLittleGrey, itsfreakinGINA is here!

For almost a year I’ve been sticking to the pseudonym “iamLittleGrey” but I decided that if I want to have my own youtube channel then it should be “Me”. Not just a pseudonym that was from a certain TV show. I want to know more about myself and push myself to the limits and end of my capabilities.

So ladies and gentlemen, this blog has its new handler and its freaking Gina!  No pseudonyms, filters, sugar coated words or excerpts from my favorite shows- just plain me, a freaky me. Accepting who and what I am plus, still unlocking more stages and more capabilities ’till my last breath.

Update on my youtube channel is that Im working on it! My topics are all listed out, I already installed my video editor, I have segments other than vlogs and many more! Hopefully, I can shoot a video this week. Join me as I unleash my freakyness out there for you to unleash your inner freak! Cant wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on. 🙂


7 Important Things To-Do Before 2017 Ends

I was about to shoot this topic as a Youtube video but as I watched my videos again for editing, I decided to delete the whole thing for 2 major reasons:

  • I look weird as fuck
  • 100% cringey

So I’ll just have to post it as a blog text, I guess.

2017 GOALS

  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING. In order to achieve my goals, I must have the motivation and put some effort to it. Im a HUGE procrastinator, I wanted that to change. It’s so hard to cram and do things before the deadline. I want my year to be full of activities with no dull moments. Im really determined by this. Im sure with my decision, so I guess, its the right time to start.
  2. DO WELL IN SCHOOL. And because I will stop procrastinating, I want to see some results. So before 2017 ends, I want myself to be back on track with my acads. I have told myself over and over again to putting my shit together and raise my academics. But because of my procrastination, I have failed many times. This will be my goal and at the same time motivation to stop my procrastination.
  3. TRAVEL or GO PLACES. Not fancy or money burning places and especially not instantly. I just want to go places I have never been- like on a new restaurant, or hike on a mountain, etc. as long as its new to me. Imust travel when I already back on my game with my acads.
  4. DELETE TOXIC PEOPLE. I want my year to be full of positivity and less-drama. This 2017, I’ll be deleting ALL the people who made feel not good enough, who stabs me in the back and who stressed me out. I’ll reject people too whom I find and gives me negativity.
  5. REKINDLE WITH AN OLD FRIEND. One of the things that makes me sad is the point that friends come and go to the extent that you’ll never heard from them again. So, this year, I want to meet and catch up with an old friend/s. I dont have anyone particular, but maybe in some other time I will. I think its time for me to look back and thank them somehow for being a part of my life.
  6. GAIN A NEW FRIEND. Because I have deleted some people in my life, I decided to make a new one and meet someone new. New chapter, new friends.
  7. TRY NEW THINGS. Its either camping or learning to play the piano or whatsoever. I want to learn something new and I’m excited for new experiences and lessons for me.

This list is my top 7 and my priorities. Yes, I sure do have a lot of goals this year but I decided to focus more on these 7. I’m starting to grant my resolutions baby steps at a time.


New Year, New Me ver. 2.0 for 2017

* My very first blog post for 2017. Hoorah! *

I want to start my 2017 with a very positive cause that everyone can support. I have been growing my hair for two years. It has become very long that my relatives are very eager for me to cut it short last October 2016, but being the boss of no one, I decided to step up my game (and annoy them more. Lol) by saying I would keep my hair growing till 2018. December has come and I’m still willing to stay on my lane to keep my very long hair. Because to be honest, I like my “Rapunzel” version of me. I am more confident with long hair  rather than short. I was very sure about my decision until New Year came, January 1st.

New Year was my time to look back at the past, reflect and see how much I’ve grown. 2016 has been a very pain in the ass to me. I have suffered so many downfalls on that year and I wanted to learn and never look back at my mistakes EVER AGAIN. So, as a reminder for me, it triggered me that I SHOULD cut my hair. A symbol of new me this new year 2017. I asked my mom if she could cut my hair, yada… yada… yada. Then I thought of a very amazing idea- turn this negative “symbol” and turn it into positive. I decided to donate my hair (again)

My before and after…

Cuts Against Cancer is a non-profit organizations that aids women and children battling with cancer. [You can check more about it just by clicking here.]

Requirements for Hair Donations:

  1. Hair must be atleast 12 inches long.
  2. Your hair must be natural- no hair dye,permed or even bonded
  3. Poor hair quality will also be rejected

*Graphic Instructions*


No quite sure if mine is an exact 12 inches but I do hope they’ll make an exception


Before sending your hair directly at the organization make sure to fill up this form for more info’s check their Facebook page

Papemelroti is also teaming up with Cuts Against Cancer. For easier shipping or delivery, you can drop your locks at any branches like I did!


Make sure your bag is secure. Write your name, contact number, email, date donated and website (optional). I didnt put my contact number for privacy reasons, but I sure did give my email to reach me. Some added and personal touch, I even put a note to whoever will receive my hair.


Then voila! You’re now a hair donor!

I cut my past and now Im ready for 2017 with a shotgun in my hand, a grin in my face and let me grow and become the best version of myself. Besides, I think to start my 2017 with a cause is a noble thing yet, a radical moment. Hoping for more risk-taking and heart warming memories for 2017. Cheers!



I still think Im rockin’ with short hair, does it? (;


Kape Kesada Art Gallery

Most of the people are coffee lovers. In fact, as a student, coffee has been my best friend since day 1. I even have cravings for it when I have the free time. This somewhat “new” cafe shop at Paete Laguna has been an eye-catching one for me. With its exquisite and vintage like environment, you’ll feel like you’re taken way back to that era.

My dad coming from the wood carving capital of the Philippines- Paete Laguna, this place was never new for me. But after some long time not visiting this place, my parents and I saw this cafe. We are much caught up from the front of this place because like I said, the environment is different than the usual province. Plus, the very first thing you will saw in this place are the artworks, hence its name. This place was also featured by CNN due to its displayed paintings and carvings.

So, my parents and I didnt back down to take a sit and sip at this rad place. The menu was pretty neat and artsy. I can say that the owner has taste; got inspirations from other country or places to come up with the concept. The menu was a pretty cheap but at the same time expensive if you’re from the province. The coffee costs 50php – 100php hot or cold.


We ordered egg-bacon sandwich, cold coffee and brewed coffee. I can personally say that the food was great. The coffee tastes like a legit “kape barako”. They put effort on the food they serve (they served the sandwich hot and crunchy). I can now say that a food can be cheap without sacrificing the taste!

here are all of the photos I that I taken:

some of the artworks… (I cant take a pic of some of the artworks displayed)

Iced coffee x the “Bar”


Over all rating 3/5


First blog post


Finally got to finished customizing this “official” website of mine. I decided to move from Tumblr because I wanted to make my posts more organized and filtered. Plus, in here are the things that are comfortable for me to share with you guys. I dont have the schedule on when or what time I’ll be posting new texts, it still depends on the day if its interesting or nah. Is it worth sharing? Is it worth reading? I’m very cautious in this site on what to post for I dont want to waste your time with no input, realizations or any “feels” once youre done reading my post. So please, bear with me on this.

On the youtube videos, you wait. Im still waiting for my laptop to edit the video. But I promise, Im working on it! 🙂 It will come out soon (I hope). Wish me luck.