5 Things To Do on Valentines Day for Singles

Okay! This is it, I had shoot my very first YouTube video! While I’m waiting for it to upload, I’m going to do some blogging because after all, I must put my yt contents here on my blog for those who had no idea my youtube is.

I decided to put here are the things that I would probably do on the 14th of February..

  1. Hang out with the squad. This is on my list because my squad are the people whom I will always be fall inlove with again and again and again. They’re my girlfriends. So hanging out with them on valentine’s day is a must!
  2. Date myself. If there is one person worthy enough on a date, that is you. You are the most deserving to date yourself. I think valentine’s day would be the best day to let yourself know that you’re loved and accepted. Self-love is one of the most important thing in order to be the change in this world. Suit up, be legendary and take yourself out.
  3. Be with my Family. Our families are our first love. They’re the one who still be there waiting even though the world has turned their backs from you. So why not be with them on the day of love?
  4. NETFLIX and Chill. I’ve got a popcorn, I’ve got a netflix account. Ughh! Netflix and chill, my friend. There’s no greater than some popping popcorn, a pet beside you and some good sweetflicks or any must-watch movies.
  5. Rest Day or Day for Progress. If 14th of February is just an ordinary day and you think there’s no reason for you to do anything special, then be productive and start on your drafts for paper works! If nah, and you think you deserve a break then, hit the sack and hibernate early! No staying up late for nothing, hun.

So there. I hope I had given you some ideas on what to do on Valentines day if youre single.


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